2nd Annual Pro-Life Workshop “Be Not Afraid!” Workshop Saturday 5/19/2018 at Ave Maria University.

This year's workshop will focus on loving and truthful dialogue with others about life issues. Our talks will focus on topics such as: how to talk to a woman in a crisis pregnancy, how to talk to men affected by a crisis pregnancy/abortion, how to talk about healing, and how to get more deeply involved in the pro-life movement.

Our hope is that we will learn how to confidently, truthfully, and lovingly communicate the pro-life message with everyone from a pro-choice stranger to a friend scheduled for an abortion procedure.

This workshop, will not be the same without you all. The experiences, talents, gifts, and prayerful enthusiasm, that you all bring is such a gift. We are so excited to be able to offer this workshop to you, so please spread the word and prayerfully consider attending!

Visit our website, www.aveconferences.com/prolife<http://www.aveconferences.com/prolife> for more information. Registration opens January 1st!

United in the Eucharist,

Patty Cox - Conference Coordinator

Ave Maria University 239-348-4725

#Prolife #AvaMariaConference

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