Importance of 5-6-7…

I attended a luncheon Tuesday. It was for the Florida Catholic Chamber of Commerce. I had decided to attend this Chamber meeting to hopefully find support and spread the word about our SWFL Catholic Moms group.

The luncheon started with everyone going around the room introducing themselves. I introduced myself, SWFL Catholic Moms Ministry, and gave a brief history of how it was started. This history is basically me complaining about the Catholic Church not creating a moms group for me… for 5 years… Then after lots of prayer and soul searching - I had an epiphany. The church is made up of people. If you want this group then - GO CREATE ONE. I was still nervous about taking something like this on all by myself, so I thought of Matthew 18:20:

“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

So I waited and waited. By August 2016 Amanda Gavini & Rebecca Downey encouraged and pushed me and the Moms group into fruition. Southwest Florida Catholic Moms was born.


After a wonderful lunch at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions on College Parkway our main speaker was announced, Richard and Paula Hellenbrand of Encore! Realty Services took the stage. They were speaking about how they work "By Referral Only" and wanted to share with the group how some of it can be applied to your life, ministry and business.

When she asked for a person to volunteer for a role-play, I raised my hand. I was familiar with the By Referral Only® concepts and had an idea of what they were about to do. I had actually attended and met the founder Joe Stumpf at a “BRO” seminar in 2003 (back in my residential lending days). The purpose of this process was to demonstrate how you can go 7 questions deep with a client to find out what their true needs are. It is a pretty interesting process to run through. Much of this has to do with Neural Linguistic Processing (NPL) and after being reminded of this process - I am thinking of all the ways I could use these questions to go deeper with my husband, kids, family & community! Like, I’m seriously going to try this on my 6 year old… and maybe my husband ;) haha.

So I stand up and get ready for the barrage of seven questions. I think they're going to be related to buying a house since Paula is a real estate agent. Instead she turns the tables on me and asked the following questions:

QA1: Why is it important to you to start a Catholic moms group?

"Selfish reasons really. I wanted to create a community of moms with similar values that my kids & I could grow up and do life together."

QA2: Why is it important to you have a community of moms/kids that have similar values? "Because in those moments when I fail as a mom, I hope my daughter and son will be surrounded with friends that will support and care about them."

QA3: Why is it important to you that your kids be surrounded by friends that really care about them?: "Because I made some bad decisions trying to please other people growing up, I don't want them to have to go through that. I hope in my absence their friends will help them make good choices."

QA4: Why is it important to you that your kids to make good choices? "Because growing I was trying to please others, it led to bad choices which led to pain. I want my kids know God's love is unconditional."

QA5: Why is it important to you that your kids know God's Love is unconditional? “So they don’t get hurt and will always feel loved by God… ” Que the tears and I started to cry!!!

Sooooo, yeah she got to me in 5 questions. If any person in the service industry took the time to get to my 5-6-7 with me, they would get my business (and not just because they saw me cry). You can see the power of asking these questions and going deep and how it can be so clarifying for the person asking the question and the person answering it. I believe it was at this BRO convention back in 2003 I first heard:

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

As I wrote this I started to think about question number 6....

QA6: Why is it important to you that you and your children feeling the unconditional love from God? "So I (my kids too) can feel at peace with no matter whatever happens in life."

Isn't that what we all want in some small way. Just a little peace from all the madness in the world.

The dessert of this luncheon for me was not just the amazing chocolate oatmeal cookies but also the incredible amount of support from the women and men that attended that had come up to me after this meeting that said:

  • They applauded the efforts of our group and said keep going,

  • They would pray for our continued growth and success, and

  • That they wished they had something like this when their kids were young!

If I can't bring you back the cookies, I will at least bring you back those accolades! It humbled me and encouraged me to keep on spreading the word.

Please help me do the same by sharing our Website, Facebook Page, and Private Group.

{Sidebar on the crying issue. I have bottled up my emotions for soon looong, that I cry, often. Anyone that knows me knows that if I talk about anything for any length of time I may cry. I also cried when showing my daughter a video of the total eclipse.}

Thanks for listening, thanks for caring, thanks for sharing!

Love Laura


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